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Whether you need in-vivo / ex-vivo models of disease, single cell resolution sample analysis, or unparalleled access to clinical specimens, we leverage the world leading expertise of our partners to deliver your research study quickly and efficiently.

“Finally - a seamless way to manage early stage research at the academic institutions”

BioCache is seeking clients who want to leverage BioCache’s already established relationships and contracts with hospitals, to perform analysis of clinical samples or run preclinical studies in mouse / large animal models quickly and efficiently. BioCache can leverage the hospitals’ world leading expertise to give clients access to clinical samples for a range of biomarker analyses, in-vivo/ ex-vivo models of disease, sequencing, single cell-omics or genetic engineered mouse models of disease. All of this is further supported by secure cloud data storage capacity and remote accessibility.

Available services include:

  • Pathology, immunohistochemistry, multiplex

  • fluorescence with image analysis

  • Patient derived preclincal models

  • CLIA Laboratory diagnostic development

  • Live animal imaging studies

  • Analytical chemistry and metabolic profiling

  • Sequencing and single cell-omics

  • Slide scanning, and data storage/remote viewing

  • Genetic engineered mouse models of disease

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