Why choose BioCache for your biostorage?

When delivered at the highest standard, the management of biological samples is a taxing and complex process.

Many healthcare organizations must deal with misplaced specimens, suboptimal retrieval times and broken audit trail, due to a lack of physical space and other resources. By contrast, BioCache provides dedicated, airtight and accredited solutions to provide peace of mind through:

Clients typically choose BioCache for a variety of reasons:

Reclaim Valuable Space - You already know that physical space is a costly and scarce resource, and nowhere is this more true than in healthcare. Our geographical location and the density (specimens /square foot) of our storage system allow us to provide highly cost effective solutions to our partners.
Rapid Retrieval - Our indexing system provides state of the art precision in storage of tissue blocks and slides. Retrievals typically take less than an hour, and expedited delivery can be provided on requests received before 10AM.
Fair Fee Structure - BioCache recognizes that storage transaction fees and service charges can make it seem like dealing with a chartered bank. We understand what a pain point this can be for our clients. Request a proposal and see for yourself what a difference we can make.
Peace of Mind - We are a team of experienced and accountable professionals, in a highly secure, accredited facility with advanced business continuity systems. We also understand the uniquely valuable nature of our client’s biospecimens.

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