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BioCache is pleased to provide clients with a menu of services to manage biospecimens, safely and securely.
Ambient Storage

BioCache provides ambient storage solutions, primarily for tissue blocks and slides.Ambient temperature is constantly maintained at between 15C and 25C, and is monitored through multiple blue Rover sensors, which are independently powered and monitored through a dedicated cellular network.

We are pleased to offer two ambient storage solutions:

  • Individual barcoding for the most precise storage and rapid retrieval of your archival specimens. Using a state of the art archiving system, each tissue block and slide are individually barcoded and tracked in our warehouse. This solution also provides a full audit trail of specimens from the moment they enter our facility.

  • Bulk storage of non-barcoded specimens. For clients who want the peace of mind of security and quality, but do not require rapid retrieval and audit trail of Arcos.

ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) Storage

BioCache maintains a bank of state of the art PHCbi medical freezers to keep client specimens safely at a ULT of -70C to -80C. Besides delivering unmatched reliability, each freezer has its own independent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) capable of powering the unit for up to 12 hours. For power blackouts of greater than 12 hours, auxiliary power is provided via external power generator.

While specimens may be stored individually, BioCache also offers clients the option of a full dedicated freezer on a fixed fee basis.

Deliveries of ULT specimens are via dry ice packed into insulated shippers, with cellular temperature tracking available.

Slide Scanning

High resolution scanning of glass slides provides an important gateway for hospitals and researchers alike to access outside services such as remote reading, AI reading, and digital archiving.

BioCache is very pleased to offer high resolution slide scanning services through our Hamamatsu S360 clinical grade slide scanner. Pricing for slide scanning will vary according to urgency, volume of slides to be scanned, and other BioCache services being used.

Data Storage

Secure storage of digital slide images is available on either local or cloud based servers to suit your needs.

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